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Collision RepairShop Owner Coaching & Training Solutions

For Collision Repair Shop Owners who attended our 1-Day Workshop and want to take things to the next level, we offer the following ATI programs. These collision-specific programs, starting with our flagship Collision Shop Re-Engineering Program, are longer-term in nature and offer Shop Owners an in-depth personal coaching experience with education, best-practice business systems, monitoring, and peer networking.

ATI's Collision Shop Re-Engineering Program

ATI's Shop Re-Engineering ProgramAt ATI we've spent the last 35 years learning how to make shops more successful. We've learned training alone won't do it - no matter how good the training is. Motivation won't do it - no matter how excited you get.

The daily challenge of running a shop can be so overwhelming that you need a different kind of approach. You need ready-to-install business systems and processes that solve real problems specific to your shop. You need a coach, just like professional athletes—a coach who has been there, made the mistakes, and weathered the storms. You need a well thought out, managed by the numbers, program made up of small manageable steps.

The ATI Collision Shop Re-Engineering Program is the answer. This program provides all the education, coaching, business systems and monitoring to transform your shop into a business that can provide the life you have dreamed of. Built around ATI's powerful Road Map© process, our Shop Re-Engineering programs have added over 90 MILLION dollars in new cash profits to the bank accounts of our clients in the last three years alone.

How the ATI Collision Shop Re-Engineering Program Works

The program is all-inclusive. You pay one monthly fee and receive unlimited classroom training, weekly coaching, daily and weekly monitoring of your key operating numbers, proven business systems for every area of your business, and a partner loaded with people and experience to make the journey with you. We create a plan of small, manageable steps that link where you are with where you want to be. Some of our clients exceed their goals, some meet them, some fall a bit short. No clients, however, fail to make impressive strides forward, comfortably exceeding the cost of our program.

When you become a client we:

  • Model or Remodel Your Shop: We fully understand and define your goals. We help you re-imagine your shop as the business that can deliver your life goals.
  • Identify the Areas and Sequence of Changes: A thorough analysis of where your business is now as defined by a snapshot made up of 39 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Recasting the KPI snapshot to the new KPI values is required to deliver your goals. Then we create an implementation plan of small steps adding up to large changes in results.
  • Teach and Coach Our Way to Agreed Upon Goals: Working with you through daily and weekly monitoring of your shop operations, weekly coaching, deep classroom training, and providing you with the proven systems and processes to take your shop to a new level.

The All Inclusive (except your travel) ATI Collision Shop Re-Engineering Program includes:

  • Financial, Marketing, Sales Management and Advanced Leadership Training
  • KPI Performance Tracking System
  • Weekly Proactive Coaching
  • Unlimited Estimator Training for One Location
  • Unlimited Production Manager Training for One Location
  • Unlimited Shop Owners Training for Ownership (Note: Spouse Attends Free)
  • Monthly Leadership and Operational Teleconferences
  • Customized Compensation and Recruitment Plans
  • Human Relations Management (HR) Assistance – Covering Employee Relations and Compliance to Labor Laws
  • Employee Comprehensive Personality Profile Testing (CPP) – 10 per year
  • Unlimited Advanced Shop Owner's – Two Day Meetings+
  • Breakfast / Lunch Provided Daily While Attending ATI for Training Programs
  • Initial Member Dinner Celebration
  • Accounting Assistance / Tax Return Review and Planning
  • Succession / Retirement Planning
  • Strategic and Tactical Action Steps to Sell Your Business
  • Annual Advanced Shop Owner's Work/Play Retreat at a Resort (Resort, entertainment and logistics fees not included)

A partial list of the things we fix or install during the Collision Shop Re-Engineering Program:

Parts Margins
Labor Margins
Pricing Strategy
Tech Compensation Plans
Tech Productivity
Car Count
Marketing Programs
Promotion Management

Insurance Company Negotiations
ARO Increase
Sales Training
Sales Management
Collision Manager Compensation
Customer Satisfaction
Leadership Skills
Financial Management

Expense Control
Tech Recruiting
Collision Manager Recruiting
Retirement Planning
Succession Planning
Tax Consulting
Inventory Turn Management
Business Models
Teaming Programs

Collision Estimating Course

ATI's Service Advisor and Service Manager CoursesEstimators have an important role in the company: they promise price, time, and customer satisfaction and must hold a profit at the same time. They are responsible for the customer from the initial damage assessment to the final stages of quality control. They are often the only visible link to the successful completion of the customer's collision repair. Estimators can increase or decrease sales in an instant. Their emotional state, character, and personality need tuning up every year. Newcomers need quick education so they don't learn the hard way and lose business for all.

ATI's Collision Estimating Course is designed for experts and newcomers. It is not full of canned scripts that you need to memorize. Instead, it begins with customer expectations, collision theory, and analysis and diagnostic processes for accurate, profitable estimating. The course then dives deeper into profits and loss, costs and margins, OEM procedures, and customer interactions exercises to support the overall customer experience.

This collision-specific course will help increase sales, provide for an excellent customer experience, and improve your bottom line.

Production Manager Course

How efficiently are your technicians operating? Do you measure? Do you know the formula? What are the areas in which you might be able to examine, measure and change processes that would help them to be more productive? What should the target for productivity be? How do you identify what each technician should be producing, and do you share your business and production expectations with them? Do you tell them what their productivity means to the business?

Organizing the entire collision repair facility is extremely important in making sure that everything that can be done to improve customer service, efficiency, pricing, and productivity. ATI's Production Manager Course helps Shop Owners and their Production Managers improve efficiency and reduce friction by addressing areas like how to measure and improve efficiency, parts procurement and handling, cycle time, OEM repair procedure, process mapping, standard operating procedures, and more.

20 Group Meetings

ATI's 20 Group MeetingsOnce the initial Shop Owner, Estimator, and Production Manager training is completed there are almost always implementation issues to address. Our coaches can and will work through these problems with you during the year. However, nothing replaces having peers offering reinforcement during major changes. Therefore, we offer members a two-day meeting with other ATI members, four times a year, at your convenience.

An ATI 20 Group includes 20 non-competing collision repair Shop Owners from around the country who come together to share experiences, review challenges, and make commitments to implement ideas to achieve their goals. A committee of ATI coaches reviews and approves the most qualified Re-Engineering and Alumni members to participate in a 20 Group. This ensures that each member of the 20 Group will benefit from participating as well as be in a position to provide valuable input to other group members. An ATI coach is present at all 20 Group meetings to act as your group’s personal facilitator and to review possible strategies to problems. Each 20 Group, while following a similar meeting agenda, will vote on the specific topics covered that are most pertinent to that group. The topics covered are ever changing and cover all facets of the automotive industry from Marketing to Leadership to the best vendors to purchase from. Also included is a bonus meeting at ATI's SuperConference. 

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Collision Repair
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Our Collision Repair Shop Owner 1-Day Workshop will re-ignite your passion, re-energize your business, and increase your profits by 3-8% or your money back.

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